Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you ship to... - Yes, we ship worldwide. Our shipping costs can be found here  
Where is my package? - After your package has left our office, a tracking link will be sent automatically to you. You will find the tracking number in this mail - sometimes the local postal service offers a more detailed information on the location of your package, eg for the USA it is www.USPS.com  
What is the price in my currency? - A currency converter can be found here . Please note that the price may change slightly depending on the bank and payment method. 
I have seen other colors that look similar to yours - Our colors with Ø30mm come in white pots and have the characteristic wavy surface. If they are not listed in our shop, they are not produced by the Finetec GmbH.
Are fillers used in the colors? - Absolutely no fillers are used. Our colors consist only of pigment and Gum Arabic and minimal amounts of excipients.
Are your colors really handmade? - YES, the colors are purely handcrafted in a small village in Bavaria, Germany.
What kind of colors are these Pearlcolors? - They are water colors that can be used exactly like any regular water color.
What are "Shimmer Pearlcolors"? - Pearlcolors are opaque colors, but we also offer Shimmer-Pearlcolors, which are difficult to see on white paper – on dark paper though they almost magically appear in the brightest colors. Shimmer-Pearlcolors are also perfect for adding amazing highlights to your paintings.
How do I use your colors (with a brush, a pointed pen, etc)? - To show this we have a nice how-to video here 
On which materials can I use your colors? - On almost any surface that is not too smooth or waterproof: paper, wood, stone, cardboard, clay ... A few examples can be found here
How can I preserve the colors? - Some of our users use Liquitex, spray glue for puzzles or regular hair spray which preserves, but is not waterproof. After that one can apply a waterproof spraying varnish for exterior use to make it weatherproof.
Are the colors food safe? - The colors are not toxic but not tested for food safety, so please do not eat decorated Easter eggs, blow them out before painting them.
Where can I buy your colors in a local shop? - There are many stores carrying our products - as we deliver to end users only and my parents (the Finetec GmbH) to wholesalers only, we don't know every retailer of our products, nor do we know whether they carry all of our colors and sets or just a selection. Some special sets and accessories are only available in our shop.
Are your colors suitable for calligraphy? - Yes, absolutely
After some use, a small hole in the middle appears in my color - is this normal? - Due to the hand-made production no two color pots are the same. The colorpots are slightly curved on the bottom which is caused by the natural drying process and can sometimes lead to a little hole appearing in the middle of the color pot after some use. This is not a defect but a natural occurrence.
This also can happen if the water is applied in the middle of the color only, as the pigments then only dissolve below the water and over time, a conical hole appears, which is wider at the bottom - until you can see almost the complete bottom of the pan and it looks like as there was a big air hole in the color which was not.
When I use the colors some get a whitish film on top of it - what is this? If there is a lot of water on a color for a longer time, the color is dissolved and the Gum Arabic floats on top and a whitish film becomes visible with some colors. This is not a problem, just use less water and mix the whitish film well with the pigments.
I have received a color that doesn't fill the pot fully - is there less color in it? - We have a new supplier for color pots - these new pots are slightly higher compared to the old ones - but of course there is just as much color in the pots as before. Click here for more information.
Do the new black stickers come with the colors, or do I have to buy them separately? - The stickers are already included with any new single Pearlcolor - they do not have to be ordered separately. In order to beautify sets with older colors, or already assembled sets, replacement stickers can be ordered here.
How do I get a discount code? - Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our Newsletter - from time to time we will promote some codes there.
Other - Thank you for reading our FAQ - as a little thank you you can use the code "FAQ10" during checkout for 10% discount on your order (for the first 10 customers who read this) smiley
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